Power Lines and Carlsbad Homes

Look! Up in the air! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s power lines! If you live in Carlsbad it is impossible not to notice these endless electric eels and their display stands that blanket our landscape. Their paths are cut without discrimination, passing by apartments, schools, Carlsbad homes and anything else that gets in their way. Their final destination is the coastal NRG Cabrillo Power Plant that’s just north of Cannon Road on Carlsbad Boulevard. Drive south out of downtown Carlsbad and you can’t miss the highly recognizable giant smoke stack—a topic for another day.

I personally feel, and most would likely agree, Carlsbad is a very scenic city. It is blessed with rolling hills, lagoons and a very long stretch of usable beach.  The power lines are a nuisance, but they definitely do not define the area. They do impact Carlsbad real estate though.

I prefer not to debate the possible health implications on homes near power lines because it is a topic I know absolutely zero facts on. What I can offer a professional opinion on is how a Carlsbad homebuyer’s distaste for them can affect Carlsbad home values. If I had a mere nickel for every time I watched buyers tour a home, fall in love with it, catch a glimpse of a nearby power tower through a window, and then fall out of love with it, I would have a pocket full of annoying nickels. Naturally, those homes tend to sell for less. Reselling a home is the same as starting a storefront business: Location, location, location.

I should clarify though. I don’t see this reaction take place if the power towers/lines are a certain distance away.  Residents of Carlsbad have learned to expect them around; it is just that most want to keep them at a comfortable distance. And, there are different sizes of towers and lines. General rule: the larger they are, the more offensive. And, it’s preferable to not be within earshot of the “hum.” Finally, it’s not just Carlsbad Real Estate that’s affected, the lines skirt across a large part of North County San Diego Real Estate. My advice is that if you are buying a new home or a resale, try to avoid homes/streets that are directly in the paths of the electric eels. They are not an ideal neighbor.

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