Baby Proofing Your San Diego Home

A lot of home buyers purchase a home or move up when they are expecting a new arrival to the family.  It’s common to just plain run out of space when you’re living in an apartment of a small condo.  When it comes to safety, your baby’s well being is the #1 priority in making your first home purchase, or moving up from a smaller home.  Here is a checklist to help you ensure your baby is safe and will enjoy your new home as much as you will:

1.  See your new home through your little one’s eyes: what would looks interesting to a baby? what can be reached from their height? It will help if you get down on your hands and knees and check for anything your baby can choke on (i.e. small decorative items, candles, toys etc) or pull on (i.e. electrical cords, cords from blinds/wallcoverings etc).

2.  To prevent electrical shocks, cover easy to reach outlets with a child-resistant cover available at baby stores and hardware stores.

3.  Place barriers around heat sources like radiators and fireplaces.

4.  Install safety gates (hardware mounted is best) at the top and bottom of stairs that have >2 steps. Pressure-mounted models are available but may not be good enough to hold.

5.  Pad sharp edges of furniture such as coffee tables Avoid heavy furniture tipping over by anchoring them to the wall.

6.  To prevent baby from falling out of open windows, have window guards on all windows.

7.  Keep all emergency numbers (poison control, Dr, hospital) near phones or on autodial on your cell.

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